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Selling Your Home - Avoid Melodramas

Saturday, April 18, 2020   /   by Connie Inmon

Selling Your Home - Avoid Melodramas

If Hollywood action-adventure movie writers have figured anything out, it’s that after the bad guy has been defeated and the hero and heroine are relaxing, ANOTHER bad guy should suddenly appear to pose an unexpected post-finale even nastier threat! By now, audiences have learned to expect this (but if the filmmakers are clever enough, we can still be taken by surprise). Selling your home may not seem analogous to an action movie, but there can be some parallels—particularly at the last minute, when the sale seems in the bag and you’re all but packed up and outta there.

The danger here comes in the form of communications from the buyer. No matter how amicable the buyer and buyer’s agent may have been in the course of negotiations, as the deal nears completion, there is always the possibility that an unexpected sticking point might crop up. There are many possible reasons that this happens.

For one, the act of moving is recognized as one of life’s major stressful events—and people can react to stress in unexpected ways. A failure to fix some relatively minor household maintenance issue that was agreed upon might trigger a deal-threatening misunderstanding (even if the reason for the failure was unforeseeable and can be quickly ameliorated). Since selling any Cypress home necessarily involves many details, their sheer volume means that some misunderstanding or another is always possible—and misunderstanding can easily lead to distrust. Given the size of the transaction and accompanying elevated stress levels, the danger of a deal-breaking misunderstanding is always a possibility.

The solution isn’t the one a movie screenwriter would devise, because the object is to prevent drama. It’s one of the best reasons to rely on an experienced Realtor® to represent you when selling your Cypress home. We’re expert at recognizing miscommunications at an early stage, while it is still easy to head them off. It’s also a tried-and-true way to minimize stress levels and keep a successful closing on track.

In other words, one good way to avoid melodrama: call me!


Image by Stefan Keller from Pixabay